Corey Perry's contract termination is now officially under investigation
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Corey Perry's contract termination is now officially under investigation

Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting!



Veteran NHL forward Corey Perry officially had his contract terminated by the Chicago Blackhawks earlier this week for "engaging in conduct that is unacceptable and in violation of... policies intended to promote professional and safe work environments."

From the team:


It's clear that Perry messed up LARGE. No details yet on what exactly transpired, though. What we do know is that last week Perry left the Blackhawks due to what the team is calling an 'organizational decision'.

According to an update from Sportsnet NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, Perry now has 60 days to appeal the contract termination. If he's successful, he'll receive his $4 million in salary but he will not be rejoining the Blackhawks.

From Friedman's latest 32 Thoughts column for Sportsnet:

Corey Perry cleared waivers Wednesday afternoon, and the Chicago Blackhawks terminated what remained on his one-year, $4-million contract. He has 60 days to file a grievance, which, if he wins, would restore the financial compensation. 

The NHLPA cannot proceed unless Perry agrees. It wanted to grieve on Patrik Berglund’s behalf during the 2018-19 season, but the player refused. So that termination went unchallenged.

Whatever happens with his salary, Perry will not return to the Blackhawks. That door is closed.

- Elliotte Friedman

Meanwhile, long-time NHL reporter Larry Brooks of The New York Post is reporting that the NHLPA is in fact reviewing Perry's contract termination:

It looks like the NHLPA is planning to get to the bottom of this so that they can evaluate whether the decision is worth appealing.

Earlier this week GM Kyle Davidson met with the media and stated that Perry's contract termination has nothing to do with rumors concerning Perry and Connor Bedard's mother Melanie Bedard.

Check it out:

In case you're late to the party, earlier this week on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter there was a hot rumor making the rounds that Perry actually hooked up with Melanie Bedard, mother of Blackhawks superstar rookie Connor Bedard.

Some hot takes from Twitter:

While GM Davidson addressed the rumor in his press conference, it was NHL insider Frank Seravalli who squashed the rumor earlier in the day calling it, "fucking bullshit."

From Seravalli:

"The stuff that's been floating around about Corey Perry and one of his teammates' mothers is fucking bullshit. And I think it's ridiculous that this is something that was perpetuated on social media. It is so far from the truth and so unfair."

"Connor Bedard... he was raised right. His parents are really polite, proper people. There's zero chance that something like this would happen and yet it will stick with him for a long time."

- Frank Seravalli

Together with report from GM Davidson it should prove pretty conclusively that nothing happened between Perry and Melanie Bedard. So... what DID happen?

Well, like Davidson himself says, this was a professional matter, not a criminal matter and it occurred sometime last week.

Seravalli reports that, essentially, Perry got drunk at a team corporate function and either said or did something inappropriate. 

From Seravalli:

"According to sources, an alcohol-fueled incident involving Perry was alleged to have occurred during an event that included corporate partners and team employees in attendance."

- Frank Seravalli

Additionally In her latest report for ESPN, insider Emily Kaplan attemps gets to the bottom of things, reporting on allegations against Perry from a Blackhawks' employee.

From Kaplan via ESPN's Ryan S. Clark:

A source told ESPN's Emily Kaplan that Perry indeed traveled with the team to Columbus last Tuesday, a day before the game, and an incident occurred that day involving a team employee. Davidson said Perry, who did not play in the team's 7-3 loss, was "immediately pulled" from the game once the Blackhawks were notified, and at that point, the club began an investigation.

- Ryan S. Clark

So... something happened between Perry and a Blackhawks' employee in Columbus on Tuesday, November 21st. As for what transpired, we can only speculate. But we now know that this had nothing to do with any other members of the Blackhawks and certainly not with any of their family members. 

Source: Larry Brooks