Corey Perry threatens the Blackhawks following contract termination

Corey Perry threatens the Blackhawks following contract termination

The clock is ticking…



Despite taking full responsibility for his actions leading to the Chicago Blackhawks terminating his contract back in November, Corey Perry is reportedly threatening the Hawks with a contract grievance. This is what NHL commissioner Gary Bettman revealed about the situation during his All-Star press conference:

“He took a little time away. There’s a grievance pending. He doesn’t believe they had a right to terminate him… I don’t have any problems with the Blackhawks did.”

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly clarified that a grievance hasn’t officially been filed but has been threatened by Perry.
According to CBA, Perry and the NHLPA have 60 days to file.

When the contract was terminated, statements provided by Perry and the Blackhawks organization did not detail a whole lot on what took place. Perry was reportedly dismissed from the team for inappropriate and unacceptable conduct, fuelled by alcohol consumption.

"Over the last two months, I've really had a chance to reflect and get the help and take full responsibility for what happened in Chicago and try to better myself," Perry said in his first press conference as an Oiler. "Those are the things I've been working on. I've been working with people in the mental health field and in different fields. It's been a long time to get back to this spot, to be back on the ice with players in the NHL, and I have to thank my family and my friends and all the support I've gotten, the support from my counselors, and just try to better myself each and every day."

Bettman did say that he did not see a problem with how the Blackhawks handled the situation. It remains to be seen if Perry’s threats will be materialized and if a grievance will be filed shortly.

Perry signed a one-year, $775,000 contract with Edmonton last month and made his Oilers debut when his new team hosted the Nashville Predators at Rogers Place last Saturday.

He has yet to record a point with the Oilers in the one contest he played. Perry had four goals and five assists in 16 games this season, his first in Chicago.

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