Couple's freaky behavior caught on video during NHL game.

Couple's freaky behavior caught on video during NHL game.

A disturbing scene played out in front of a group of NHL fans who started recording on their phones.

Jonathan Larivee

The New Jersey Devils' fanbase is never going to hear the end of this one.

A disturbing video has begun to make the rounds on social media that appears to show a couple engaging in some rather freaky behavior during a National Hockey League game, and unfortunately for the couple in question it was all caught on video.

It all began when an image was shared by "Heatdaddy" on X that appeared to show a woman wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey digging into her man's backside during the national anthem. The image itself garnered a ton of attention and resulted in some rather hilarious comments directed at the New Jersey Devils fanbase, but as it turns out the image was only the beginning.

That's because the fans who were behind this couple were so disturbed by the whole incident that they pulled out their phones and began to hit record. You heard me right, this entire event was caught live on video with the national anthem clearly audible in the background, a truly bizarre scene.

The lack of self-awareness required to engage in this type of behavior at an NHL game is one thing, but to be entirely oblivious to the fact that the people around you are actively recording you engaging in that behavior is another matter entirely.