Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong to personally address players before tonight's game

This franchise can't be moved quick enough.



The Arizona Coyotes are on the verge of being moved to Salt Lake City, which would finally put an end to the longtime embarrassment of this failed project of hockey in the Grand Canyon State. 

But while the details are being worked out, it sounds as though the Coyotes players themselves, none of whom asked to be in this situation and are to be commended for their professionalism in the face of being the NHL's punchline, in the dark with regard to said details.

According to reports, Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong will be personally addressing the team prior to their game tonight in Edmonton against the contending Oilers, a meeting in which there will naturally be plenty of questions as to the future of the players in Arizona. 

According to forward Lawson Crouse, they're just as much in the dark as almost everyone else is. 

“We saw it everywhere just like everyone. We don’t know anymore than what everybody else is seeing," he said. "We're just worried about tonight and controlling what we can control, that's all we can think about." 

"It's going to be important, who knows what he'll say?" Crouse said when asked about the imminent Armstrong meeting. "But it will be an important talk for sure." 

"I think at this time, that meeting is coming so close to the game and we have a job to do as players," he continued. "I'm sure there will be some follow up questions later on, but tonight, our mindset is on Edmonton and what we have to do to win." 

Forward Clayton Keller took it a step further. 

"Throughout this whole time there hasn't been a ton of discussion on what's going on," he said. "We just have to take it day by day." 

"It was in our heads, you can say it isn't a distraction, but obviously you have buddies, family, other people always texting you and keeping it in your heads," he said. "We've just tried to focus on hockey." 

The plug can't get pulled on this situation quick enough, and there will be more than plenty of fans and media who can't wait to see the look on Gary Bettman's face as he announces that his ego-driven experiment in Arizona finally is over.

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