Coyotes players file complaints against their own team.

Coyotes players file complaints against their own team.

A number of players on the Arizona Coyotes have had enough of the poor treatment they are receiving.

Jonathan Larivee

The Arizona Coyotes are currently the laughing stock of the National Hockey League and unfortunately it seems as though they are going to be kicked while they are down.

After it was announced last week that the Coyotes' bid for a new arena had been rejected, we are now hearing that the players within the organization are unhappy with how they have been treated by the team. That news comes courtesy of Rangers insider Larry Brooks who on Sunday revealed that not one, but multiple players from the Coyotes had expressed those concerns in the form of a formal complaint to the National Hockey League Players Association.

From Brooks:

Slap Shots has also learned that Coyotes players filed multiple complaints with the PA during the season about sub-standard travel, lodging and logistical issues that were in violation of the collective bargaining agreement.

That will be addressed this week.

Violating the rules of the collective bargaining agreement is no small matter, as the Coyotes have already learned in the past, and no doubt both the NHL and the NHLPA are going to take these complaints very seriously. It is unclear what consequences the Coyotes may be facing from the league over this matter, but stories like this certainly won't help them attract any free agents in the near future.