Coyotes reach “point of no return”, relocation appears imminent

This might tick people off but... FINALLY! Put this team somewhere with actual hockey fans!


In case you missed the news yesterday, the city of Glendale, Arizona informed the Arizona Coyotes that it will end it joint lease agreement for the Gila River Arena, essentially kicking the Coyotes out of their home rink after the 2021-22 NHL season.

What happens next is anyone's guess. The team could move into the 5,000 capacity Arizona State University (ASU) arena on a temporary basis while a new building is constructed in nearby Tempe, Arizona. Or they could potentially move back to Footprint Center (Formerly Talking Stick Resort Arena) in downtown Phoenix. The problem is that that facility was deemed inadequate for hockey audiences back in 2009, facilitating the team's move to Glendale. 

Frankly... is anyone else tired of this?

It seems like the Coyotes are in the news every 18 months or so with relocation threats. They've gone through several owners, they've moved arenas and cities, they lose money year after year after year... and oh yeah... their team stinks. The fact of the matter is that this franchise hasn't turned a profit since 1991... when the team was still in Winnipeg. The Coyotes have been an abject failure for decades now, yet the NHL and commissioner Gary Bettman continue to prop them up when it's obvious to the entire sporting world that hockey in the Arizona desert just doesn't work.

I don't live in Arizona and I'm not a Coyotes fan, so I understand that my perspective is that of an outsider who doesn't have all the information. But, again, to me I'm just tired of reading the same things about this team over and over again. There's a gorgeous arena and a rabid hockey fanbase waiting in Quebec City, yet this team is still floundering in Arizona. What gives? Oh... and then there's Houston, Kansas City and the Greater Toronto Area to consider, as well. The fact of the matter is that hockey hasn't worked in Arizona and it's time to turn the page on this failed chapter of NHL expansion/relocation. 

Look at how well things have gone for the new Winnipeg Jets / Atlanta Thrashers franchise since moving back to Canada from the Southern U.S. Might the Coyotes have a turnaround of fate in Quebec City? I'm willing to bet they would.