Coyotes reportedly under investigation by the NHL for alleged illegal scouting/drafting techniques

Darren Dreger with an absolutely crazy story!

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This just in courtesy of NHL insider Darren Dreger of TSN, the Arizona Coyotes are reportedly under investigation for alleged improprieties from their scouting staff.

Check it out:

 It's unclear EXACTLY what this means at this point, so we won't draw any conclusions just yet. Stand by for more info.

UPDATE: On the most recent edition of TSN's "Insider Trading" segment, Dreger alleges that the Coyotes have been fitness testing draft-eligible CHL prospects, which is illegal before the scouting combine. He adds potential punishments could include fines of at least $250,000 per incident.

If indeed this is the case, it's not hard to believe. Coyotes general manager John Chayka is known for his "outside the box" style thinking. It's very plausible that Chayka simply didn't know the rules regarding fitness testing before the combine and was trying to gather as much information and data as possible. Again, stay tuned. More info to come as it's made available.

Click below for the "Insider Trading" video from TSN with info straight from Dreger:

Dreger's comments transcribed:

"It's an ongoing National Hockey League investigation, yes. Into allegations that Arizona, allegedly, has been fitness testing draft eligible Canadian Hockey League players. Now, the OHL, the Western Hockey League and the QMJHL have all sent emails to their respective junior teams asking that any contact be reported. Now according to sources, multiple teams have replied saying 'Yes, there has been contact.'"
"It is clearly defined by the National Hockey League that there cannot by any physical testing before the combine. Now, if it is established, and again this is an ongoing investigation, the Arizona Coyotes could face substantial fines of $250,000 per infraction and under discretion of the National Hockey League."