Craig Berube takes a shot at former Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe
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Craig Berube takes a shot at former Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe

He called him out during his introduction speech in Toronto.

Chris Gosselin

Craig Berube was introduced as the Toronto Maple Leafs new head coach in a press conference on Tuesday. In his introduction speech, Berube has been accused of taking a shot at former Maple Leafs bench boss Sheldon Keefe when he described his personal philosophy. The new head coach explained how he never wants his team to be outworked, especially when the skates are high.

“We don’t want to be out-worked - ever. It’s all about the team. Everybody’s important, everybody has to be used, they all have roles. We want to play a north game, be fast, be a heavy team. Not running guys and fighting, but you have to be strong and win puck battles.”

To many fans and pundits, this was a jab at Keefe, whose teams consistently appeared to be outworked when it came to difficult situations, especially when it came to the postseason. And not just this spring where we saw Mitch Marner getting a lot of criticism for appearing not to give a damn on the ice at most crucial times.

If Marner remains on the roster, amidst all the trade rumours linked to the star winger, how would Berube be able to get more out of him? And if he does, would the mediocre performance from Marner and others in the playoffs go back solely on Keefe’s shoulders?

Keefe is reportedly working towards an agreement with the New Jersey Devils to become their new head coach. And I have to say, I cannot wait for Toronto and Jersey to face off in 2024-25 if that means seeing a show down between Berube and Keefe!

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