Crazy Duchene deal fell through (again) and he's now pissed.

This is just getting out of hands now.

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By now you're probably fed up about the Matt Duchene possible trade. It's been a rumor for the most part of the year and many wonder why it hasn't gone through just yet. Duchene is known as one of the hot commodities on the market these days and GM Joe Sakic has been pretty clear about his intentions of moving him. However, many months later, Duchene still has the Avalanche jersey in the wardrobe and time's flying by. 

We learned about a crazy offer Sakic refused a few days ago and to be honest, it's pure madness. Here's the textual quote from the source

'' Snow had an offer out to the Avalanche with Hamonic and the team’s 2018 first-round pick as part of a package for Matt Duchene while at the same time shopping Hamonic to defense-hungry teams like the Flames and Leafs for an asking price of two first-round picks. Those were two very different paths Snow was staring down.

Avs GM Joe Sakic balked at a Duchene move, as he has for months. The Flames and Leafs balked at Snow’s asking price as Friday night’s first round unfolded, with Toronto reportedly offering a package that included forward James van Riemsdyk and a 2018 first.

But Snow went exclusively with futures to keep that cap space open — the Isles have roughly $9 million in space right now with restricted free agent Calvin de Haan needing a new deal — and keep the Isles’ options open should Duchene not be moved elsewhere.

Two league sources said Pat Brisson, Duchene’s agent (also the agent for John Tavares), is seriously unhappy with Sakic’s foot-dragging on a deal. That could lead to a reduced price tag later on should Snow still be interested.''

Two things here : 

- Hamonic and a first rounder is plenty of asset to move Duchene. Time is flying and it might end up with Duchene starting the year in Colorado following almost a year of crazy rumor surrounding him. He has reasons to underperform. 

- Speaking of which, his agent Pat Brisson is pissed off and we can understand why. Each deal is a lot of work for all parties included and it seems Sakic simply doesn't want to move Duchene. His decisions to refuse very decent assets for Duchene is mind boggling and one can ask what's the real price Sakic would be willing to take. A superstar plus two first pick? Come on. 

All in all, sorry to tell you folks but it's not the last piece you'll be reading about him.