Crazy goal with 11 seconds left eliminates Canada from World Juniors

Crazy goal with 11 seconds left eliminates Canada from World Juniors

Oh... my God... goaltending killed this team.



UPDATE: It's all over, folks.

A backbreaking goal with 11 seconds left has ended Team Canada's tournament in the Quarterfinals.

The teams were tied 2-2 late in the 3rd period after Canada managed to storm back from a 2-0 deficit, only for Czechia to claim victory with an absolutely brutal goal in the final seconds of play.

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Team Canada has come back from being down 2-0 against Czechia in their do or die Quarterfinal matchup up today. The teams are currently knotted up 2-2 heading into the 3rd period. 

With the Czechs up 2-0 after the 1st period, Canada came out firing in the 2nd and managed to get within one goal thanks to an absolute SNIPE from Nanaimo, BC native Matthew Wood.

Check it out:

Then it was Jake Furlong who got the equalizer in the final few minutes of the frame:

20 minutes to go. Keep a level head, boys.

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If you're a Canadian Hockey fan today with no regard for your fingernails, you might wanna flip on today's Quarterfinal game between Team Canada and Team Czechia at the World Junior Championships.

Canada is currently down 2-0 to Czechia through 20 minutes in today's elimination game and, frankly, haven't looked good in the early going. Team Canada went 14 minutes without a shot to end the period... YIKES.

To me, Canada looks like it's having difficulty handling Czechia's speed. Canada started the game tremendously with five minutes of intense pressure, but they came away from it with nothing to show for it. They appeared to lilt a bit after Czechia's opening goal and have since fallen way, way, waaaaaay back in terms of compete level ever since. There's still a lot of game left to play, but Canada needs to get going NOW.

"The defence and their connectedness are really not reading the speed of this Czechia team today," commented TSN analyst Cheryl Pounder during intermission.

"They've fallen way short of what's needed to win this hockey game," agreed TSN analyst Jeff O'Neil. "The forecheck, players in the offensive zone, goaltending, neutral zone play. They're all falling way short."

To be frank, this version of Team Canada hasn't inspired like past versions have and we may be witnessing a real-time changing of the guard in international hockey.

Where once Canada would dominate a country like Czechia at this tournament, recent versions of the team have struggled. Pair this with the emergence of countries like USA, Finland and others in recent years and it's clear that hockey doesn't solely belong to the Canadians anymore. Canada has five gold medals in the past decade at the World Junior Championships and are defending back to back champions, so it's not like they're chopped liver or anything. But when anything but gold is considered an absolute failure, well... maybe we need to manage our expectations better. The fact is that there are a LOT of strong hockey nations out there now.

Still 40 minutes left to go... let's go, boys!

Source: TSN