Crosby and Trudeau both give their thoughts on potential Olympic boycott

Captain Canada and the Prime Minister weigh in.


Team Canada's captain Sidney Crosby knows there's no guarantee that he'll get to represent his country at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China in February.

The NHL's participation in the Olympics is somewhat up in the air after concerns about COVID-19 outbreaks in the host city and about China's spotty human rights track record. Crosby, though, isn't letting it get to him.

"From my experience with this stuff, I try not to follow it too day-to-day," the two time gold medal Olympian told reporters over the weekend in Toronto. "It's a lot of different storylines, and a lot of different things could happen."

The NHL has until January 9th, 2022 to pull out of the games. Nations across the world are considering an outright boycott of the games or, at the very least, a diplomatic boycott that would see athletes attend, but not dignitaries.

American President Joe Biden has already indicated that his country may issue a diplomatic boycott, while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted to reporters that he has made the same considerations.

"There are an awful lot of athletes in Canada and around the world who have been training, focused on this very, very much," Trudeau said. "We're looking for a way to both be able to see them show their capacities and fulfil all the hard work that they've done for many years, while continuing to demonstrate our real concerns with the way the Chinese government has behaved."

As for Crosby and the rest of his Canadian teammates, they want to go to the Games and would be disappointed if they were forced to stay home in protest.

"Everyone feels pretty strongly they'd like to be there, but I try not to think too far ahead and get too caught up in it," he said. "Some of that stuff, you can't control. I'm preparing like we're going."