Crosby attended another NHL team’s camp!

Traitor?! Did you know he once got involved with another club?

Crosby attended another NHL team’s camp!

Sidney Crosby has been the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins for 14 seasons now. 

Side note: yes, we are getting old. 

The summer has been quiet so far - especially with all the star restricted free agents refusing to sign new deals ahead of the 2019-20 - so it allowed us to dig for fun stories, things that might have been left in the dark. 

And then we found out that Crosby - the Penguins captain himself - once attended another team’s development camp before he was drafted first overall by Pittsburgh after the year-long lockout. 

A few years ago, the sports blog THXBUD revealed that, back in 2004, a 16-year-old Crosby and a few other hockey high schoolers from Shattuck St. Mary’s School joined the Los Angeles Kings’ prospect camp. He put on a Kings jersey and everything! 

Check it out: 

Former Kings players Brian Boyle and Jack Johnson — who attended the same high school as Crosby — also participated in camp that summer. Johnson is now Crosby’s teammate in Pittsburgh despite the fact that Pens general manager Jim Rutherford has attempted to move him more than once this summer. 

This will be a fun fact to remember the next time Crosby and the Penguins face off against the Kings.