Crosby gets a penalty while on the bench after getting into with T.J. Oshie.

A bad penalty from Crosby.

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There was a rather odd incident on Sunday during the afternoon match up between long time rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals. The incident saw Penguins captain Sidney Crosby called for a penalty while he was sitting on the Penguins bench, and it is still unclear whether or not the officials on the ice made the right call.

The incident began when Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie got involved in an altercation in front of the Penguins bench with Penguins rookie Anthony Angello. There was not much worth reporting here it was just your usual shoving back and forth between two heated players, but although Angello himself did not get overly involved in this one, his teammate did. Crosby was sitting on the Penguins bench and was right in front of both men during their altercation, but things got really weird when Crosby himself decided to get involved from the bench. Crosby took a hold of Oshie's stick and appeared to refuse to let it go, all the while yelling something at either Oshie or the officials on the ice. This resulted in Crosby being awarded a 2 minute minor penalty for holding Oshie's stick, but there may have been more to this incident than just that.

First, as the two men initially got involved you can clearly see from the replay that Oshie's stick caught Crosby in the head, bouncing off of his helmet in the process of his jostling with Angello. Crosby may have taken exception to the fact that Oshie struck him in the head with his stick, and that may have been the cause of all of this, but it sounds like there may be more to this story. According to a report from Sportsnet's Justin Bourne Crosby could be heard clearing yelling at the officials on the ice, seemingly trying to get their attention to a spear on the part of Oshie in front of the bench. 

“He f***ing speared me,” exclaimed Crosby as per Bourne's report.

Its hard to tell if Oshie does indeed spear Crosby or if his movements are merely his reaction to having his stick held, but either way something tells me this one is farm from over.