Crosby loses to Malkin in shooting competition and you can see how much it bugs him!

Sore loser some might say?

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Sidney Crosby is a great captain and a hell of a team player when it comes to his Pittsburgh Penguins, however, we all know how much he loves to win. 

He and teammate Evgeni Malkin faced off in a shooting competition from upper bowl at PPG Paints Arena and the Penguins digital caught it on tape. 

While the two teammates went toe-to-toe in a friendly showdown as they shot pucks from the 220 level down into a net, you can feel the competition and how badly they each want to win. 

When Malkin got the edge, you can tell how much it bugs the Pens captain, who has always readily admitted he does not like to lose. 

Watch the full competition right here: 

What makes this great is Geno’s commentating and how funny he is as he beats his captain and close friend. However, his demeanour might have been different if Crosby had had gotten the best of him.