Crosby RAGING following missed call.

He's the fiercest competitor around.

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Sidney Crosby has become a controversial figure in the NHL, but no one can argue his intensity and will to win. Making a surprise and quick comeback to the lineup tonight, he's already all over the place and doesn't seem to be slowed down one bit. 

Following an early goal by the Penguins, the Capitals tried hard to get back in the game and tie it up. It's exactly what happened late in the first, making it 1-1 right before the break. However, Crosby was truly unhappy about a missed called by the referee. 

You clearly see Lars Eller holding the puck instead of dropping it on the ice, which normally stops the play. Crosby saw it all and when berserk on the bench. 

Of course, the pace of play is super fast and sometimes the officials miss a call. Crosby is always quick to point them out and make his thoughts well known though. 

The end of the game will be extremely interesting!