Crosby skates over to Ovechkin after the game and surprises everyone with what he tells him!

How about that!

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There isn’t a rivalry anymore between Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. The two players have been compared for decades. The rivalry remains between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

The two teams have faced off so many times in the postseason these past years, and finally last summer, Ovi got the better the Penguins and led the Caps to their first championship in franchise’s history. 

While Crosby wasn’t able to tell media members last week if he was happy for Ovechkin, who finally hoisted the Stanley Cup last June, on Tuesday night after the game he was able to be glad for his opponent. 

On defenseman John Carlson’s goal in the 5-3 Penguins win over the Capitals on Tuesday night, Ovechkin collected the 1200th point of his career with an assist. Crosby managed that same feat last week. 

After the game, Crosby skated over to Ovechkin, which made an official nervous as he first attempted to separate them. However, as they hugged it out, Crosby congratulated Ovechkin for his 1200th point and the two star players chatted before making their way off the ice. 

What class! 

It is surprising to see two former rivals hug after an intense match up, however, we can feel how much they respect one another despite both fighting for the Stanley Cup.