Crosby struggling during quarantine

​The star player is struggling ever since the NHL shut down…

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One of the reasons why Pittsburgh Penguins star forward Sidney Crosby is so successful on NHL ice is because he has followed strict habits and routines that allow him to be a great athlete. 

However, since the NHL has shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Penguins assistant coach Jacques Martin revealed on the air of TVA Sports that Crosby has been struggling at home during the quarantine. 

Martin had good news for the Penguins’ fans nonetheless: Crosby has put together a new routine that allows him to keep training at home, in his own gym. 

“It certainly has been difficult for a guy like Sidney Crosby. He loves routine. However, he is so committed that he has come up new habits. He has a home gym and is training hard anyway.”

Martin also revealed that Crosby remains focused on making the Penguins better as they awaited news on the potential postseason, explaining that he keeps learning about his new teammate Jason Zucker, who was traded to Pittsburgh at the trade deadline. 

“He also takes the opportunity to solidify his relationship with his new teammate and line partner Jason Zucker. They watch several videos together during conference calls. ”

That’s commitment! Or maybe Sid is simply doing all this in order to stop from going crazy!