Cutter Gauthier roasted over badly failed prediction.

Cutter Gauthier roasted over badly failed prediction.

Cutter Gauthier is making a name for himself before ever playing a game in the NHL.

Jonathan Larivee

In spite of the fact that he has yet to play a single game in the National Hockey League, young forward Cutter Gauthier is rapidly making a name for himself.

Gauthier made headlines earlier this season when he effectively forced his way out of Philadelphia after making it clear he did not see a future for himself as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers. Unsurprisingly that didn't sit well with what is an often openly hostile fan base in Philadelphia and as a result Gauthier has already become somewhat infamous in that city in particular.

Over the weekend however Gauthier would add to his already growing infamy after he made comments ahead of a pivotal game against the Denver Pioneers, comments that would come back to bite him in the butt in a very big way. Prior to the game, one in which the national championship was on the line, Gauthier boasted that he would leave the opposition in tears after it was all said and done.

"It's gonna be epic," said Gauthier. "There's gonna be a lot of emotions and a lot of tears for that team over there."

In spite of his confidence, some might even say arrogance, Gauthier and Boston College would fail to deliver when the moment finally came and would instead be shutout by the Pioneers who defeated Boston College 2-0 and claimed their 10th national championship in the process.

I love the fact that Gauthier isn't afraid to go out on a limb and make predictions of this nature, but unfortunately when they don't go your way you have to anticipate the backlash that will follow. Fans have not been gentle with Gauthier since he suffered the tough loss against the Pioneers, and I suspect that reputation will now follow him to Anaheim and the National Hockey League.

Here is just one example of the type of mockery that has been directed at Gauthier since his comments: