Dale Hawerchuk rings the bell after finishing his final round of chemo treatment

Finally some uplifting news! Way to fight, Ducky!

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Yesterday evening Eric Hawerchuk, son of legendary Hockey Hall of Famer Dale Hawerchuk, tweeted out a photo of his father ringing the “Bell of Hope” from the cancer ward in Barrie’s, Ontario’s Royal Victoria hospital signalling his final round of chemo treatment.

Check it out:

Fantastic news!

It’s worth noting though that Hawerchuk isn’t confirmed to be cancer-free yet, it’s just that he has finished his current round of treatment. While things are looking good and Hawerchuk is putting up a strong fight, he’s still not out of the woods. Please continue to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to kicks cancer’s ass!

Personally, I always admired Hawerchuk during his playing days. In fact, if there’s one legendary player from the past who doesn’t receive near the recognition that he deserves in the annals of hockey history, it’s the man they call “Ducky”. The former 1st overall pick in the 1981 draft scored an outstanding 518 goals and 1409 points in 1188 career NHL games and managed to put together six 100+ point seasons. Incredible.

He was a skilled and tenacious forward who starred for the Winnipeg Jets in the 1980s and then the Buffalo Sabres in the early to mid-nineties. Hawerchuk would finish up he career with the short stints for the St. Louis Blues and Philadelphia Flyers, as well. Hawerchuk was a battler in his NHL days, so it’s no surprise the fight he’s putting up against this awful disease.

For some of our younger fans who weren’t fortunate enough to see Ducky in action, check it out: