Dallas Stars launch incredible new service for their fans.
Tony Gutierrez/AP  

Dallas Stars launch incredible new service for their fans.

The Dallas Stars have come up with a great idea to serve their fans in the local market.

Jonathan Larivee

The Dallas Stars have just handed their fan base a major win on Monday morning.

According to a report from Stars insider Sean Shapiro, the team has worked out a new deal with A Parent Media Co. that will now allow them to broadcast their games to fans within the local market absolutely free of charge. The new deal will see Stars games hosted on a streaming service called Victory+ as part of a 7 year deal to bring Stars games to a local audience free of charge.

As more and more people around the world begin to cut the cord when it comes to cable television, it can be difficult at times to track down how to properly watch games via streaming services, especially when it comes to things like blackouts in certain markets. This aims to simplify that for fans of the Dallas Stars that are in the Stars TV market, by bringing all of the games onto a single platform that will, again, be totally free of charge.

Fans that are outside of the Stars local market will still be able to stream games via services like ESPN+.

The big question now of course is will this serve as an example for other teams in the National Hockey League? It certainly seems like an excellent attempt at growing the game in the local market on the part of the Dallas Stars, and I can't think of any possible downsides to doing something like this for your local fan base.

The reception to this news so far has been universally positive.