Damning details about Ryan O'Reilly's decision to leave Toronto.
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Damning details about Ryan O'Reilly's decision to leave Toronto.

Ryan O'Reilly's decision to leave the Toronto Maple Leafs may send shockwaves through the organization once again.

Jonathan Larivee

The start of free agency likely did not go the way that Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving would have liked, with both veteran defensemen Luke Schenn and veteran forward Ryan O'Reilly signing new deals with the Nashville Predators.

In the case of Schenn it sounds like the Maple Leafs were simply outbid with the Predators giving the defenseman a hefty contract, a 3 year deal that carries an average annual value of  $2.75 million. That is considerable money and term for a defenseman that plays as physical a style as Schenn, so you could see a scenario in which the Leafs were outbid.

That doesn't appear to be the case with O'Reilly however, who signed a 4 year deal with an average annual value and salary cap hit of $4.5 million.

According to the latest from National Hockey League insider Darren Dreger, it sounds like the Leafs were competitive when it comes to both term and money. Instead the insider revealed that O'Reilly's decision to leave Toronto was motivated by something far more damning, a simple desire to get away from the Maple Leafs organization.

Damning details about Ryan O'Reilly's decision to leave Toronto.

Fans will remember that following the conclusion of the playoffs for the Maple Leafs, O'Reilly was among the most vocal critics of the decisions made by the organization during those very same playoffs.

"There's so many things we could have done differently, it's frustrating," said O'Reilly of the Panthers series. "I think we could have given that series a better chance."

Many took those comments as an open criticism of the Maple Leafs coaching staff, a coaching staff that has by and large remained in place despite a new general manager coming in. You have to wonder if Brad Treliving's endorsement of Sheldon Keefe proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back for one Ryan O'Reilly.