Dana White on the NHL: They are all old dumb f***ing people.
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Dana White on the NHL: They are all old dumb f***ing people.

The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship goes off on the NHL in an expletive filled rant.

Jonathan Larivee

UFC president Dana White has never been a man that is shy to say what is on his mind at any given moment, and unfortunately for the National Hockey League they recently found themselves on the wrong end of one of White's now infamous tirades.

White was recorded having a conversation with YouTube stars the "Nelk Boys" in which the Nelk Boys revealed that the NHL had refused to work with them in a marketing capacity due to the edginess of their content. White, who was speaking with the Nelk Boys on the topic of sports marketing, exploded upon hearing those comments.

"F*** em," said Dana White. "They're all old dumb f***ing people that have no idea what's going on. They have no idea where this younger generation is, how you reach them, any of that s***."

White would go even one step further by comparing the amount of views the NHL drew on their videos during the conference finals to his own Power Slap fight promotion over the same span.

"Total video views for the NHL, the middle of their conference finals, they did 25 million video views," said White matter of factly. "Power Slap did 90 million."

White would continue his tirade and directed some of his ire at the media, claiming that journalists were also out of touch.

"So all these people that are talking s*** out there, it's all old dumb f***ing journalists," said White.

These type of fiery comments are nothing new for White, but it remains to be seen if the NHL will feel it necessary to respond after such harsh public criticism from the UFC boss.