Daniel Briere confirms he will listen to offers for Carter Hart.
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Daniel Briere confirms he will listen to offers for Carter Hart.

The general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers shared his thoughts on the direction of his team during a radio interview.

Jonathan Larivee

Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Briere has acknowledged that there is at least a possibility that his number one goaltender could be on the move in the future.

Briere recently conducted a radio interview where he was questioned at length about a variety of topics regarding the future of the team, including his desire to remain patient as the team moves towards more of a rebuild. A natural extension of that question were questions regarding the future of individual players, players like Flyers goaltender Carter Hart.

When asked about the possibility of trading Hart, Briere initially indicated that he sees Hart remaining in his role as the Flyers' number one goaltender, but he then added a caveat indicated that he would in fact listen to offers involving Hart should they come his way.

"I would say, most likely, Carter is going to be our goalie of the future," said Briere on 94.1 WIP. "Now I'm not in a position to turn down anything. If there's teams calling about him we have to listen, that's my job as a general manager. I have to listen, I have to do what's best for the team and the organization."

Also illuminating was the fact that Briere indicated he had a great deal of faith in the up and coming talent the Flyers have at the goaltending position.

"Don't forget the exciting part with the Flyers organization is the luxury of goaltending that is coming up through the ranks," boasted Briere.

Briere would go on to cite names like Samuel Ersson, Felix Sandstrom, Ivan Fedotov and Alexei Kolosov as examples of the Flyers' depth at the position.

"I think it's been a while since the Flyers had a plethora of good young goalies coming up the ranks," said Briere. "I'm really excited."

If Briere does genuinely believe in the strength of his depth at the position, it could ease any second thoughts he might have about pulling the trigger on a trade involving Carter Hart.