Daniel Carcillo responds to accusations made by Paul Bissonnette, but Biznasty buries him again.

Carcillo fires back.

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This is getting very, very ugly for former National Hockey League goon Daniel Carcillo and frankly he has no one to blame but himself in all of this. 

Carcillo, a former Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and New York Rangers forward was known as a goon during his career in the National Hockey League but for whatever reason he has felt the need to make himself the arbitrator of morality since his career in the league came to an end. Carcillo can be seen on social media almost daily chastising other players, coaches, former players, and former coaches for any number of infractions stemming from play on the ice all the way to behind the scenes incidents that may or may not have taken place. As a result Carcillo has built quite the following online but he has also cultivated a large number of detractors who, like myself, see his post career crusade as nothing more than a desperate attempt to remain relevant in a sport that has long since passed him by. 

On Saturday Carcillo made the mistake of calling out Paul "Biznasty" Bissonnette, one of the National Hockey League's most beloved personalities, one too many times when he was critical of an article praising the post career success that Bissonnette has had in spite of his relatively limited role as a player during his career in the National Hockey League. Bissonnette, who has bit his tongue many times in the past when the subject of Carcillo has come up, seemingly had reached the end of his patience when it comes to the former player and he dropped a truth bomb on Carcillo that exposed his hypocrisy in brutal fashion.

"Remember when you used to call me a ni**er in the locker room every day in Wilkes-Barre? Remember when you had a sauwastika embroidered on a robe underneath the hood you wore in an NHL locker room until the captain found out and talked some sense into you? Welcome to the mud Dan," wrote Bissonnette. 

Well Carcillo has now responded to those accusations and has done so in video format nonetheless, although something tells me by the time this is all said and done he would have been better off just laying low after all this came out. First, here is Carcillo's response:

As you can see Carcillo, much to his credit, owns up to some pretty heinous stuff here but he does quite clearly deny the accusations regarding the robe. Unfortunately it seems Bissonnette came prepared prior to making that information public and already has a second witness to these events to back up his claims. Bissonnette himself has since responded to Carcillo's video response and in the post published by Bissonnette we have been provided with screen captures of a direct message conversation Bissonnette has had on twitter. That conversation shows another party not only confirming the accusations that Bissonnette made regarding the robe, but in fact adds an entirely different story involving Carcillo to the mix, one that once again calls his character into question.

I'm not sure there will be a way for Carcillo to bounce back from what is turning into a major embarrassment.