Darcy Kuemper goes after Matthew Tkachuk and all hell breaks loose in Arizona.

Both goalies involved in this one.

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There was a wild scene in the desert on Saturday night and funnily enough there was a long time former member of the Minnesota Wild at the center of it all. 

The Calgary Flames were visiting the Arizona Coyotes this evening and the fans in attendance were treated to a pretty intense contest between the two teams, one that included a rather crazy moment in the dying seconds of the game's second period. The whole thing started thanks in large part to the actions of Calgary Flames' forward Johnny Gaudreau who delivered a stiff looking crosscheck to the back of Arizona Coyotes veteran defenseman Jason Demers. Gaudreau is not a physically imposing man so it is hard to tell if Demers was selling on this one a bit, but if he wasn't he certainly did seem to have been hurt at least a little by the crosscheck he received from Gaudreau. 

In spite of letting up on Demers after delivering his initial shot however Gaudreau went back in for seconds after Demers was already down on his hands and knees on the ice, and that is when fellow Calgary Flames teammate Matthew Tkachuk decided he would also get involved. Tkachuk delivered a crosscheck of his own to the back of the downed Demers and it was at that moment that veteran goaltender Darcy Kuemper had seen enough. In spite of the fact that he still had both of his goalie gloves on Kuemper grabbed a hold of Tkachuk, one of the National Hockey League's most notorious agitators, and dropped him to the ice with a pretty clean takedown all things considered. This promoted a reaction from both teams immediately and all hell broke loose, but the best part was when Flames goaltender David Rittich came flying down the ice and attempted to get himself a piece of Kuemper. 

Rittich never got his man however as Kuemper continued to brawl with Tkachuk, an exchange that even saw Tkachuk throw a late punch towards the head of Kuemper while the two men were being restrained by the NHL officials on the ice. Kuemper didn't seem to mind however and simply grinned at Tkachuk signaling as if he was more than happy to continue the exchange. Should be a wild 3rd period between these two teams.