Darcy Tucker reveals the truth about leaving Maple Leafs

The beloved former Leaf left the franchise for Colorado



He's one of the most beloved former members of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he's made it clear that having to depart the franchise in 2008 was extremely difficult on him.

Darcy Tucker suited up for the Leafs from 2000 to 2008, having arrived from the Tampa Bay Lightning in a trade for Mike Johnson in 2000. He would go on to become a fan favorite not only for his physical and hard-nosed play on the ice, but for his offensive contributions as well. 

Fans will never forget that he was the main inspiration for Toronto's wrath against Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson for his infamous hit on Tucker from behind during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, while Tucker had more than a few controversial moments of his own. 

During an appearance on the popular "Spittin' Chicklets" podcast, Tucker revealed just how difficult it was for him to process the fact that the Leafs bought out his contract in 2008. 

"It kind of ripped a piece of me, [being bought out and having to sign in Colorado]," Tucker explained. "I'm a Toronto guy, I like the bright lights... It's just my personality. I don't mind it. It takes a special person to not mind being the hated guy and the villain and that part of it and it didn't bother me because I had such a good home life. It ripped a piece of me when I went to Colorado and I was never the same player."

You can listen to his entire comments below: 

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