Darren McCarty hints at major offseason moves for Red Wings

What will Steve Yzerman pull off this summer?



The offseason is upon the Detroit Red Wings, signaling a critical period for General Manager Steve Yzerman. With the team facing the challenge of overcoming their extensive postseason absence, now the second longest in the NHL among all 32 clubs, Yzerman will undoubtedly feel the weight of expectations as he strategizes for the future.

Yzerman's foremost priorities will involve securing new contracts for two of his most prized draft selections: Moritz Seider and Lucas Raymond. Seider, who clinched the Calder Trophy as the League's top rookie, has solidified his position as Detroit's premier defenseman. Meanwhile, Raymond showcased significant growth this past season, achieving career highs in both goals and assists and showing all signs of blossoming into a star. 

In addition, there's the pivotal question of whether future Hall of Fame forward Patrick Kane can be persuaded to return for a second stint with the team. Furthermore, Yzerman must navigate the free-agent and trade markets to explore potential additions to bolster the team's roster.

During a recent segment on Woodward Sports, former Red Wings forward and longtime Yzerman teammate Darren McCarty stated his belief that not only would Kane potentially return, but that Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos could be lured to Detroit owing to the connection with both Yzerman and Derek Lalonde. 

"Don't hate it," McCarty said about the prospect of Stamkos joining Detroit. "Five goals in that series, one of the best shooters of all time. Stuff like this obviously comes down to contract and money, he's been a lifelong guy there. But there's a connection, stay tuned." 

"All these conversations are going on; People asking me about Kane, I believe that there was something that was started that he'll be back, but Steven Stamkos is a guy I'm sure Steve Yzerman will have conversations about," McCarty said. "He knows what this kid is all about. Would he help us with experience on and off the ice? Absolutely, he's one of the best leaders in the game." 

"Stamkos has got his Stanley Cups, he can make a business decision....but there has to be a big, big sell to come back up north. But does he feel motivated to bring his legacy to help win a championship somewhere else? I think he could be an integral part. We'll see." 

The full segment can be viewed below: 

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