Darren McCarty says Red Wings must trust the Yzerplan

Trust Stevie, D-Mac says!



While there are some segments of the Detroit Red Wings fan base that are hoping for GM Steve Yzerman to make a big splash in the trade market to help address his team's need for goal scoring (Alex DeBrincat comes to mind), don't try and say that he needs to follow a different timeline to former Red Wings enforcer Darren McCarty. 

A routine guest of Woodward Sports Network, McCarty stated his belief that Red Wings fans need to exercise patience and have trust in the Yzerplan while also adding that Yzerman has been extremely transparent in how he's handled his duties as GM. 

"If you listen to Steve Yzerman talk, and you're allowed to have your questions and wonder what direction it's going," he said. "But when the man simply comes out and tells you what his game plan is or why he's done things I do not understand - especially from where this organization has been for the last 10, 12, 14 years since I've not been in the lineup, what are we talking about?"

"The respect that I have is that man, he tells me more now with what's going on with this version of the Red Wings than he ever did when I played with him. It's crazy the transparency that he comes with," he continued. "And here's where I want to start. We can talk about the guys that he added, whatever this and that. The team is better today than it was at the end of the season." 

"Guys, he still said that he's kicking the tires on trades and free agents to add to help the scoring. The big thing that he did say is that I think if we take care of our game defensively, it will take care of our game offensively. Bing!" 

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