Darren McCarty trolls Avs fans on 90s Night in Detroit

Absolutely priceless. But where’s Claude Lemieux?

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The 15-28-5 Detroit Red Wings dropped yet another decision last night, losing 2-1 to the visiting Colorado Avalanche. Nothing new, right?  The Red Wings have been awful all season long. Well… with the Avs in town and with last night being “90s Night” at Little Caesar’s Arena, I was at least hoping for a bit of a throwback to one of the greatest rivalries in sports history.

The Wings and Avs matchups in the late 90s and early 2000s was must watch television every single game. Unfortunately, last night’s game was a pale comparison to the heated battles of yesteryear. Fortunately though, a solider of those heated battles was in attendance last night and he did his absolute best to bring back the glory days to HockeyTown. 

Red Wings legend Darren McCarty was at the LCA for the game to inject a little energy into things, as he is accustomed to doing.

Check it out:

Even better though? McCarty posing in his out cutout and pounding Claude Lemieux while he turtles on the ice.

Check it out:

Absolutely CLASSIC! Big Mac!