David Ayres fills in for Stephen Colbert on Late Show

Emergency backup goalie and late night host. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

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David Ayres is making the absolute most of his 15 minutes of fame. The AHL Zamboni driver turned NHL goalie has been on an absolute media whirlwind in the 48 hours since he earned a victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Ayres, of course, was called upon to act as the emergency goalie after Hurricanes net minders James Reimer and Petr Mrazek both went down with injury. Ayres looked shaky to begin, as you can imagine, but shut the door in the 3rd period and became the first NHL emergency backup to earn himself a win. It was a historic feat and one that has generated a TON of incredible moments.

Here’s just a sampling on Ayres’ Sunday and Monday media requests:


Last night though, Ayres was pressed back into emergency action again after Late Show host Stephen Colbert “injured” his hamstring during his opening monologue. Ayres, ever the professional, hopped in and didn’t miss a beat.

Check it out:

Priceless. Eat it up, David. Enjoy every moment of this. You deserve it, bud.