David Backes sends a message to the Bruins following his trade.

Backes shares some words for his former team.

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The Boston Bruins thought they would be getting a dominant physical presence in their top 6 when they signed veteran forward David Backes in the summer of 2016, but what they got instead was a harsh lesson for Bruins general manager when it comes to signing aging players to long term contracts in the National Hockey League. By all accounts Backes has remained a consummate professional during his time as a member of the Bruins but there was no question that when the Bruins announced that they would be trading the veteran forward, the fan base breathed a collective sigh of relief at his departure. 

Backes was never really the player the Bruins thought they were getting and although he continued to work hard to make himself a relevant part of their main roster, by the time he was shipped out to the Anaheim Ducks the truth is that Backes had become completely irrelevant to what the Bruins were doing this season. Irrelevant except for his hefty cap hit that was limiting the Bruins ability to make significant roster moves, not a good situation for a proud player like Backes or for a proud organization like the Boston Bruins. 

To the credit of everyone involved however things never got ugly, at least not publicly, and although Backes was not playing at all by the end of his time in Boston it seems as though everyone parted ways amicably. That's why when Backes released a message on social media over the weekend it came as no surprise to anyone that the class veteran was just that, the picture of class and grace as he closed one chapter in his career and set off on a new chapter with the Anaheim Ducks.

From Backes:

The Backes Family thanks the Bruins for the opportunity to play on an amazing team filled with incredible men. We are nothing but grateful for our time in Boston. The people we met, our daughter starting school and our son being born in Boston will forever be with us. The Backes Family is thrilled to open a new chapter with the Ducks. We are excited to become a part of the Ducks family and embrace the surrounding community. We are coming to Anaheim with full hearts, aspirational goals and new people to serve. Here we go!