David Krejci appears to blame Bruce Cassidy for 2019 Finals loss

Did this cost Boston another Cup?



The Boston Bruins are down yet another veteran player following the retirement of captain Patrice Bergeron, as David Krejci also made the choice to retire. Two of the most popular and longstanding Bruins players in recent team history are now moving on from the game that they contributed so much toward, and Boston has some heavy shoes to fill. 

As you remember, the Bruins were once led by head coach Bruce Cassidy, who coached them to the 2019 Stanley Cup Final that would ultimately end in bitter disappointment in the form of a Game 7 loss on home ice to the St. Louis Blues. It was the second time that the Bruins had returned to the Final since capturing the Cup in 2011, but once again, they were unable to get it done.

For Krejci, he believes that it was one particular move from Cassidy which may have contributed to their setback against St. Louis. =

"We had a great relationship off the ice, we had great conversations, but I regret one thing," Krejci said of Cassidy.

"I think he could have shuffled those three and helped me out a little bit. That and the team. We went to the finals in 2019, I had over 70 points in the season without playing with Pasta for an extended period of time. If Cassidy had seen it a little differently back then..." said Krejci, trailing off without finishing his sentence.

Cassidy is now a Cup winner himself, having lead the Vegas Golden Knights to the promised land earlier this year. Meanwhile, the Bruins flamed out in Round 1 of the postseason despite a historic 65-win regular season.

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