David Pastrnak announces the passing of his newborn child.

An awful update from the Pastrnak family.


We unfortunately have some terrible news to share with you this morning.

This should have been one of the happiest times in the life of Boston Bruins star forward David Pastrnak, but instead the situation has turned into one of unimaginable personal tragedy according to an update from the man himself. Over the weekend Pastrnak shared a picture on his Instagram, one that merely showed the feet of a very young infant child, and unfortunately that image came with an incredibly sad message.

The image shared the name of Viggo Rohl Pastrnak, who I presume is the owner of those cute little feet, and listed his birthday as June 17th 20201, and the date of his passing as June 23rd 2021. This would appear to indicate that David Pastrnak and his girlfriend Rebecca Rohlsson have lost their newborn child.

We have no idea what may have happened to cause this and frankly we will not be prying into the matter either. The Pastrnak family included an additional message with the photograph that they shared, one in which they asked that their privacy be respected in this matter. I think anyone and everyone should understand why they would not want to be hounded by the press at this time, especially not over a matter such as this.

The message unedited and in full:

We have an Angel watching over us and we call him SON. You will be loved FOREVER?

Please respect our privacy as we are going through these heartbreaking times.