David Pastrnak calls for the return of a former Bruin.
Eric Canha/CSM/Zuma  

David Pastrnak calls for the return of a former Bruin.

The Boston Bruins star forward has made his feelings on the matter very clear, will the Bruins act on it?

Jonathan Larivee

There have been a ton of trade rumors floating around the National Hockey League over the course of this past weekend, and it sounds like some of the names being tossed about have drawn the attention of other players in the NHL.

Perhaps first and foremost on that list is Boston Bruins forward David Pastrnak, who made very little effort to hide his feelings on Saturday when he called on the Bruins to bring back one of his former teammates.

Pastrnak didn't make any kind of statement or anything of that nature, but instead simply re-tweeted the following tweet on his Twitter:

There's no mistaking the message behind the original tweet which contains the words "Bring Torey home" as well as a highlight of former Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug. Funnily enough Krug has been one of the names mentioned as a potential trade candidate in the coming days with the St. Louis Blues believed to be working on a major trade with the Philadelphia Flyers.

If there is a way for the Bruins to make this reunion happen, it's clear that Pastrnak believes it should.