David Perron's future with Red Wings may be decided

The veteran forward just wrapped up his 2nd season with Detroit.



One of the many decisions that Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman will have to make this summer is the future of veteran forward David Perron, who just wrapped up the two-year contract he signed in 2022 and has proven to be a valuable presence both on the ice and in the dressing room. 

And based on the comments that both Yzerman and Perron have made, it sounds as though the door is wide open for a new contract to extend the relationship.

“This guy’s been around for a long time,” Yzerman said. “He’s a Stanley Cup champion (with St. Louis in 2019). He can handle the pressure; he actually thrives on it. He loves the challenge; he is a tremendous leader.

“I see that on the ice. He’s a take-charge guy and the moment’s not too big for him. He competes hard, he’s determined, he’s a real professional. He has a real positive impact on our team.”

Meanwhile, Perron has openly expressed a desire to return to the team next season, stating that the atmosphere at Little Caesars Arena is great and that his family feels at home in the Motor City. 

“I like it here,” Perron said. “It’s a pretty special place. This building was the best this year. Every single comeback we had, there was a reason we had them. We just felt their support, the fans were incredible, the city in general. For me and my family, we really enjoy it here. There’s no reason at this point to think of anywhere else. I hope it works out.”

In addition to enjoying being able to play for the historic Original 6 organization on the rise, Perron also feels that it's a natural fit in terms of climate for him and his family. 

“It just feels a little bit more like home in terms of the temperature, the four seasons we have here,” he said. “Maybe because my kids get older and start making roots with friends. It’s almost like I don’t play for myself anymore, you play for your family and kids. I play through them, what their experience is.”

Despite his goal output dropping from 24 to 17, would you be open to a short-term deal to extend Perron's stay with the Red Wings? 

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Source: MLive