Dean Evason says his highest paid players “sucked tonight.”

Dean Evason says his highest paid players “sucked tonight.”

The head coach of the Minnesota Wild was not happy with his highest paid players.

Jonathan Larivee

The head coach of the Minnesota Wild is not a man known for holding back when it comes to criticism and on Sunday night the Wild's bench boss was fuming after an ugly loss at the hands of the Dallas Stars.

The Stars and their power play ran roughshod over the Wild on Sunday night with the final score of 8-3 showcasing just how badly the Wild were outclassed on the ice, and following the game Evason laid the blame for that ugly loss at the feet of the organization's best players. Pulling no punches, Evason stated flatly that his top guys had simply sucked against the Stars.

"We need more from a lot of guys. I’m not going to call out a lot of guys in front of you guys, but there’s some guys that sucked tonight," admitted Evason on Sunday.

Although Evason would not call out any players by name himself, he was pressed on whether or not that included the likes of Matthew Boldy and Kirill Kaprizov, to which Evason answered that it did.

"100 percent," said the Wild's head coach. "We get paid a lot of money to coach, to play, that you gotta get the job done."

Evason even shielded his bottom six from much of that criticism, doubling down on his attempts to put the focus on the franchise's star level players.

"You get paid to score goals, score goals. ...We need more out of our top guys for sure," added Evason. "We just talked about it. You look at our board and if you go top-six, bottom-six forwards, most of the bottom-six forwards are getting it done. ... We do need more from our top guys.”