DeBrusk forced to delete social media after being harassed

The Leafs-Bruins controversy has gotten to his personal life…

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The feud between Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk and Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri came to end when the latter was suspended for the rest of the series after crosschecking the Boston player. 

They had been going back and forth at each other for the first two games of the series when Kadri was allowed to play, however, Bruins fans were thrilled to have the pest removed. 

Leafs fans… not so much. 

Some of them decided to make DeBrusk pay, and unfortunately attacked him and his family on social media. DeBrusk revealed on Friday that the harassment on social media has gotten to the point that he has had to delete Twitter and Instagram from his phone.

DeBrusk was hearing a lot about is hit on Kadri before the Leafs forward was ejected. The Bruins winger laid a hit earlier in the game on Kadri with seeming knee-on-knee contact leading to a brief injury scare. 

Kadri managed to stay in the game, this hit was also another reason that DeBrusk has drawn some hostility from Leafs fans. 

He maintains he had no intention of making a dirty play.

For now, DeBrusk is focused on the tight series and might reconnect his social media accounts once the Bruins move on into the postseason…