Defenseman Chris Pronger fined after hitting Justin Bieber!

is it too late for Pronger to say sorry?

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This might be the first All Star game fine

Internet just got "lit" when people saw Chris Pronger's hit on Justin Bieber by the board during the NHL All Star game. Pronger, hall of famer, is also working for the NHL's Department of Player Safety. Even though he said earlier (as a joke) that he won't apologies for his hit from behind on Justin Bieber, Pronger came back with another funny quote to close this story. 

As per Sportsnet,  "Chris Pronger fines himself $5 for All-Star hit on Justin Bieber."

He also commented his hit as being "Just good fun" and "A little massage to his back, a little face wash. I tried to hit the full spectrum."

This guy is way too funny!