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Derek Lalonde shares concern level for Lucas Raymond

Raymond is experiencing the dreaded sophomore slump.


Detroit Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond appears to be going through the dreaded sophomore slump, referring to second year National Hockey League players who enjoyed a strong debut season but find themselves struggling in year two. 

Through the first six games of this still-young 2022-23 season, Raymond has yet to light the lamp while also picking up two assists. And while there's still plenty of time to get things going, Detroit's new bench boss in Derek Lalonde believes that Raymond may be gripping his stick a bit too hard while looking for the back of the net.

So, how does the team get the competitive forward going? 

“Lack of some detail in his game, which is understandable of a young player,” Lalonde said. “He’s so competitive. Now he’s channeling it incorrectly. He’s pressing now. It’s typical of most players, let alone young players. I think he believes he needs to help the team with offense. Now it’s looping, it’s cheating, it’s not taking care of the wall, and now he’s being stuck in his D-zone instead of doing the things he can do in the offensive zone.

“Not concerned at all. Typical of a young player pressing a bit.”

The Red Wings will certainly be looking for Raymond to produce, given the fact that they'll be without top forwards Tyler Bertuzzi (broken hand) and Jakub Vrana (Currently in the NHLPA Player Assistance Program) for the foreseeable future. 

“On top-type teams those players aren’t leaned on,” Lalonde said. “I think they feel they have to do it for us to be a good team. That’s certainly understandable, and there might be some truth to that. It’s our job to reel him in, look at the big picture, manage their game. If you do the right things, the things they’re trying to press or poach for is going to happen for them.”

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.