Deslauriers rag dolls Rinaldo in humiliating fight!

​He rag dolls him and his bleached hair…

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We might be able to excuse Calgary Flames forward Zac Rinaldo for his embarrassing performance in a fight against Anaheim Ducks’ Nicolas Deslauriers… It was just his second fight of the season. 

In the first period of the game as the Flames led 3-0, Rinaldo agreed to drop the gloves with Deslauriers, however, forgot the Ducks forward has way more experience than him this season in fighting. 

Deslauriers completely rag dolled Rinaldo. The Flames’ enforcer was dropped more than once to the ice, but wanted to keep going. Deslauriers had more in store and the officials broke the fight up as Rinaldo landed on the ice again. 

Deslauriers won this fight: unanimous decision! 

Deslauriers let Rinaldo recover and patted him on the back once the fight was over. That’s respect for this tough part of the game and we can appreciate it. Even if Rinaldo didn’t meet our expectations…