Details leaked on Mitch Marner’s team trade list!

Details leaked on Mitch Marner’s team trade list!

Now that a new coach has been named in Toronto, focus shifts to the roster and changes to come:

Chris Gosselin

The Toronto Maple Leafs named Craig Berube as new head coach on Tuesday and as soon as the press conference was over, focus shifted on the changes that will come to the roster this summer. Trade rumours have especially targeted forward Mitch Marner, who will enter the final year of his contract in October and can sign an extension as early as July 1.

Following the Leafs’ elimination by the Boston Bruins in the first round, Marner has become the most expendable of Toronto’s “Core Four” of forward talent and when the Predators started making room with a trade earlier this week, some pundits assumed the winger would soon end up in Nashville.

However, Pierre LeBrun reported that the Maple Leafs hadn’t talked to a single team regarding a Marner trade, but other details on a possible deal emerged.

As LeBrun puts it, Marner hasn’t prepared a list of teams for a potential trade, as he has a full no-movement clause. However, the insider believes that speculation should intensify as we get closer to the draft. 

“Mitch Marner’s agent is NOT currently preparing a list of teams for a potential trade, as Marner holds a full no-move clause. Speculation about a Marner trade may intensify closer to the NHL Draft in late June.”

Words from LeBrun: " At this point, the Marner camp led by veteran agent Darren Ferris is not working on a list of teams. They have no intention as of now of producing such a list. As far as the Marner camp is concerned, the star winger has one more year on his contract with the Leafs and intends to honor it."

But yes, at some point we might start to hear legitimate speculation about the conversations Treliving is having around the league. That normally heats up closer to the draft in late June in Vegas."

That's just over a month away, and a lot can happen then. Marner remains in control, and as of now, he has not prepared a list of teams for a potential trade. Yet. 

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