Detroit Red Wings reportedly to play outdoors next season!

Mark your calendars!



There are more than a few fans were were frustrated over seeing the National Hockey League once again reward the Chicago Blackhawks with what will be their 7th outdoor game, as they were announced as the hosts of the 2025 NHL Winter Classic that will once again be played at Chicago's Wrigley Field. 

But for fans who were hoping to see a team that's actually exciting and fun to watch right now play in an outdoor game, it looks as though their wish is going to be granted. Based on multiple reports, the Detroit Red Wings are rumored to be traveling to Columbus next season to take on the Blue Jackets at Ohio Stadium, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes men's football team. 

Additional information via Jason Newland of The Hockey News

“Per the sources, the game would be held ‘on or around’ March 1, 2025,” Newland said in his report. “March in Columbus, Ohio can be a bit of a crap shoot as well. Could be warm, could be cold, could be snowy, but will probably just be cold and grey, and hopefully not raining.”

If confirmed, this would mark the 5th time the Red Wings have played outdoors, following in the footsteps of their taking on the Blackhawks at Wrigley in 2009, their hosting of the 2014 Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium in 2014, the Stadium Series matchup against the Colorado Avalanche at Coors Field in 2016, and the Centennial Classic against the Toronto Maple Leafs at BMO Field in Toronto. 

It would also be a significant milestone for the Blue Jackets, who have yet to participate in any outdoor games so far in their history. 

The reported event's location is bound to evoke the legendary collegiate rivalry between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines. Notably, several current Red Wings players are former Michigan Wolverines themselves. 

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