Devan Dubnyk calls out Jordan Binnington face to face.

Devan Dubnyk calls out Jordan Binnington face to face.

The former NHL goaltender tells the world what he really thinks of “fake” Jordan Binnington.

Jonathan Larivee

St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington is perhaps one of the best known goaltenders in the entire National Hockey League, not only due to his status as a Stanley Cup champion but also due in large part to his infamous antics on the ice.

Although the antics have helped Binnington established himself as a unique personality in the NHL and have gained him quite a bit of notoriety, not all of the attention has always been of the most positive kind. Recently former NHL goaltender Devan Dubnyk made it clear that he was no fan of Binnington's on-ice behavior.

"To me watching Binning it's always the same story, he's playing like shit, he's getting scored on, and then he puts on a show and it's all fake to me," said Dubnyk of his fellow goaltender.

Dubnyk also recalled an event in which he confronted Binnington on the ice and was even prepared to fight the hotheaded netminder, only for Binnington to be saved by the officials.

"He came around and he faked punched [Erik] Karlsson," said Dubnyk. "So as I was twirling around I went over to him and I was like 'Get the fuck off the ice man' so he tries to whack me in the back of the leg. So I thought we were going and then the refs shuffled him off the ice."

Dubnyk says he wouldn't even mind the antics so much if Binnington would be willing to back them up when challenged to do so.

"My issue with what Binner does is that, to me, it's all a facade it's all a show," admitted Dubnyk. "Show me something. If you're going to keep putting this show on... show me something."