Devastating update on the health of Dynamo captain Timur Faizutdinov.

We have to hope for a miracle.


We have some horrible news to share with you and unfortunately there are no positives to take away from this one.

Yesterday we brought you a report on Dyanmo St. Petersburg youth captain Timur Faizutdinov after he suffered what has been described as a life threatening injury during a playoff game last week. That is obviously very concerning news, but unfortunately one day later we have more details to share with you and by all accounts things have only gotten worse since the initial injury.

Here is what we know so far. Faizutdinov has suffered a fracture of the temporal bone, a cerebral hemorrhage and damage to his carotid artery and the prognosis from doctors at this time is extremely bleak. Faizutdinov is currently completely intubated, both his heart and lungs have stop working on their own and they are currently functioning only through the use of life support. 

Eye witness accounts that emerged immediately following the incident suggested that Faizutdinov was struck in the area around his exposed ear and jawline, and that would appear to be consistent with the injuries we have just described.

Doctors believe that he needs a life saving operation to repair his damage artery, however they are unable to perform it at the medical facility he is currently being held in, and doctor's fear that he will not survive transportation to an appropriate medical facility. This obviously leaves them in something of a lose-lose situation, and there is now a very real concern that Faizutdinov is not going to pull through this.

No one ever wants to see anything of this nature happen to any professional athlete, but Faizutdinov's story is particularly tragic. Not only was he a promising hockey player, one with obvious leadership qualities given that he was awarded the captaincy of the team, but he is only 19 years old and in theory should have had his entire hockey career, and more importantly his life, ahead of him. 

We will continue to hope that Faizutdinov will pull through this terrible ordeal, even if it feels like he may need a miracle at this point, and we will of course keep you up to date on his situation no matter what comes next.