Devastating update on the health of Jake Muzzin.
Nicholas T. Loverde/CSM/Zuma

Devastating update on the health of Jake Muzzin.

Very bad news from the Maple Leafs.

Jonathan Larrivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced some truly awful news on Monday.

In an official press release the Leafs announced that veteran defenseman Jake Muzzin is dealing with a very serious injury. According to the the Leafs, Muzzin has suffered some form of a cervical spine injury and it sounds like he will be out indefinitely as a result.

The Leafs revealed that Muzzin's status will once again be re-evaluated in February, but that in and of itself sounds quit ominous given that we are talking about several months before the team can provide more clarification on the injured 33 year old defenseman.

Muzzin only managed to appear in 4 games for the Maple Leafs this season, picking up no goals but registered an assist and finished that stretch of play with an even plus minus rating at 0.

This is a devastating blow for the Maple Leafs and more specifically the Maple Leafs defense, and you also have to wonder about what the long-term implications might be here for Muzzin. Hopefully he makes a full and speedy recovery.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the announcement regarding Muzzin's injury status was paired up with even more bad news for the Maple Leafs. The Leafs also revealed that defenseman T.J. Brodie would also be sidelined due to injury, in his case an oblique injury. The Leafs have recalled both forward Pontus Holmberg and defenseman Mac Hollowell in corresponding moves.