Devils fan choked unconscious after assaulting Rangers fan.

Devils fan choked unconscious after assaulting Rangers fan.

A fan of the New Jersey Devils learned a humiliating lesson this week when he got a little too physical with an opposing fan.

Jonathan Larivee

The opening round series between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers is starting to heat up considerably now that the Devils have punched back and even taken the lead in this series, and unfortunately that can mean things getting a little too emotional at times.

This week we were treated to an example of that when a conflict between a pair of opposing fans was caught on video. In the video we can see what is at first a verbal confrontation between a fan wearing a Devils jersey and another fan wearing a Rangers jersey. Although we don't know the source of the conflict it's probably fair to say that the fact that the two people involved were rooting for different teams probably played some factor, but it appears to be the Devils fan that escalates things to the point of violence.

In the video we can see the Devils fan slap the drink in the hand of the Rangers fan, resulting in the Rangers fan grabbing the Devils fan around the neck and quickly putting him to sleep with a chokehold. In something of an ironic twist of fate, the Devils fan spills his own beer everywhere, including on himself, as he falls limp the floor.

The Devils fan had plenty of opportunity to avoid the conflict, including a woman repeatedly trying to pull him away, but instead ended up flat on his back in front of thousands of people both live in attendance and now on the internet as well.

If you're going to attend a Stanley Cup playoff game this season, don't be this guy.