Devils personally deliver a gift to Ovechkin for his 700th career NHL goal

Talk about going above and beyond for an opponent! A very classy move.

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In case you missed it in all the hoopla of the NHL trade deadline and emergency backup goalie stories this past week, Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin cemented his place in hockey history with his 700th career NHL goal.

Check it out:

That goal just happened to come against the Capitals’ Metropolitan Division rival New Jersey Devils and… you know what? Kudos to the Devils organization for stepping up and allowing the Capitals to properly celebrate the achievement on the road. The Devils’ fans also showed a ton of respect in cheering for Ovehckin’s milestone.

What’s even cooler though is the fact that the Devils are actually shipping the net that Ovi scored his 700th goal on to his home in Washington D.C. Yeah… the Devils are gifting Ovi his 700th goal net. 

Check it out:

How cool is that?! Better than some lousy old puck!