Devon Levi mobbed by teammates after insane save in development camp.

Levi robs Jack Quinn.

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 1 year ago
Devon Levi mobbed by teammates after insane save in development camp.

It may be a relatively slow day in mid July as far as fans of the National Hockey League are concerned, but in spite of the fact that there are no NHL games on the schedule right now there is still plenty of hockey being played around the league.

Teams across the NHL kicked off their development camps this week and as is always the case that means we get a good look at some of the young and upcoming stars of the future as they train in the hopes of getting NHL ready in the very near future. On Saturday the prospects for the Buffalo Sabres hit the ice and, during what amounted to a penalty shot contested between former Sabres first round pick Jack Quinn (8th overall) and Sabres goaltending prospect Devon Levi, produced one of the best highlights you're likely going to see this summer.

Initially it looked like this one was going to be a part of Quinn's highlight reel package as he completely undressed the 20 year old goaltender but, in spite of the fact that Quinn broke Levi's ankles on the attempt, the goaltender would not be denied.

After Quinn had seemingly beaten him, Levi somehow found a way to reach his glove out and catch Quinn's shot just before it hit the goal line. Although we don't have an official goal line camera like we would in the NHL, there was an official right on the goal line who waved off the goal and ruled it a save. Not only could Quinn himself not believe the robbery that had just occurred in front of his own eyes, but the rest of his teammates also jumped on the ice to celebrate the incredible moment with the young goaltender.

Here is the incredible moment caught on video:

And now we've got another angle of the incredible highlight courtesy of the Buffalo Sabres, this one gives us a better idea of just how close of a call this really was.

A moment that neither Quinn or Levi are likely to forget anytime soon.