Did MacKinnon leak the Avs' retro Nordiques jerseys?

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The Quebec Nordiques are back, baby!

Well... kinda... 

Colorado Avalanche superstar Nathan MacKinnon shared an image on Instagram that a LOT of people say point to a return to the Nordiques' classic baby blue jerseys. The image in question was a photo of MacKinnon's new CCM gloves with the caption "New colors crazy".

Check it out:

I gotta say... this isn't undeniable proof but there's denying the fact that those gloves do NOT match the navy blue of the Avs' current jerseys. They just happen to match the perfect baby blue that the Nords wore before relocating to Denver back in 1995.

I mean... just look at these beauties:

Such a classic look. It just WORKS. I'm a fan of the Avs current jerseys, but these classic Nords ones just blow it away. Thoughts?