Discussions at a stand-still between Boston Bruins and top NHLer

Will he play with the same team next season?

Discussions at a stand-still between Boston Bruins and top NHLer

After a break-out year with 34 goals and 70 points in 75 games, David Pastrnak remains without a contract heading into the 2017-2018 season. 

Fortunately for the Boston Bruins, the star-forward's RFA status means the organization has the higher-end of the stick in the negotiations, as correlated by GM Don Sweeney, earlier this summer: 

"We’re having really good dialogue; we just haven’t found [an agreement]. In a perfect world, yeah, [we'd have] buttoned that up, but it just hasn’t happened to this point in time. I don’t comment on where things are at, other than we’re committed to the player and we’d like to find a long-term deal.”

But as days go by, no progress seems to be made, and if we're to believe CSNNE's Joe Haggerty tweet, that seems to be the actual case rather than solely a perception:

Offer sheets being nearly non-existent in modern hockey, it is highly unlikely that Pastrnak leaves for other skies, but as training camp approaches the contractual negociations will gradually give way to distraction and ultimately become a nuisance for the organization. 

It remains to be seen whether the Boston Bruins will wait until a the threat of arbitration to sign their player, but the longer it takes before signing the 21 year-old, the more chances that the relationship between the two parties turns sour.